For 40 years I have focused my practice on representing small and medium sized businesses. I regularly work in all forms of debtor/creditor relations including restructure, workout, recapitalization, reformation and reorganization out of Court and under Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code.

My academic degree is in accounting from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I earned my law degree at Indiana University School of Law, while clerking at what was then a top ten firm in Indianapolis, Cohen and Malad. Based on my accounting background, and long before I became a lawyer, I was actively visiting client locations to help my firm prepare the financial analysis necessary for any chapter 11 case

When the technology revolution began to hit the legal field in the late 1980’s, I was among the first to incorporate a personal computer in my office. Shortly thereafter, I opened a satellite office for the firm which used an early form of PC networking to eliminate secretarial and support staff from the operation. This streamlining passed document management directly into the hands of the professionals staffing the office. That ethos lead to a wide adoption of technology in all aspects of the law office and ultimately to an intense focus on efficient office practices that define the work of my practice, KCPC, to this day. It is that focus on efficiency that allows KCPC to offer the services described on this website at a cost to the client that is highly competitive.

These services are provided by many qualified law firms across the country but at a price point that most businesses simply cannot afford. My objective at KCPC is to find a reasonable solution to client issues in the most efficient cost structure under the circumstances. I achieve that objective by actively involving the client and third parties in the administrative levels of the engagement, thus eliminating the expensive and time- consuming functions typically provided by support staff that is reflected in the hourly rate or direct charges assessed by large firms.

The key to making this work is the client. My goal is to achieve the most cost-effective solution to your problem. In order to do this, I request that my clients be able to conduct most communications via email, to deliver information in properly formatted electronic files, and to generate source documents like financial statements, operating reports and spreadsheets, electronically.

Although I am based in Indianapolis, Indiana, I can help you and your business regardless of where you are located, for the simple reason that most of what I do is accomplished via phone and laptop. Special arrangements are made for Court appearances so that the cost of my services does not reflect the fact that I have to travel to appear in Court.

I use a network of attorneys to cover routine hearings, but I will personally attend hearings set on contested matters and other critical events in the case. In most cases, I will not charge for the time I spend traveling to meet the needs of your case, however i certain cases, travel may be billed, but this will be discussed beforehand. Also, it is likely, because of my long-term practice, I have a contact with a lawyer in your area that can be used for either my local counsel or for representation needed by the stakeholder for personally exposure to business debts. I can work with your lawyer or can probably help you find one who will work with both of us to make the engagement as streamlined as possible. I can also help you decide whether and when you need to engage local counsel to protect your personal interests or otherwise help with your business.